About us

XCLUCIV Barber Supplier is the only barber supplier with an concentrated commitment to the barber industry's needs. With over 4000 barber items, barbers can now shop for all their barber supplies, at one location, at an XCLUCIV price. Come experience purchasing your supplies the XCLUCIV way! In addition to the normal  brands and items carried by most average suppliers, XCLUCIV Barber Supplier is unique as we additionally carry exclusive items that are created personally by barbers for barbers. You no longer need to wait until the next trade show or barber battle to discover whats new and hot. At XCLUCIV Barber Supplier, we have made it possible for our barber entrepreneurs to display their creativity by showcasing their newly created products on our platform, giving them an opportunity to connect with you and you with them. Downloading our app will give you the experience to Discover, Learn, Play, and most importantly...to SHOP the XCLUCIV way! 
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