Mane Tame Professional Men's Grooming


Mission Statement

A high-performance men’s grooming brand established to develop superior products, implementing the most refined ingredients available while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation by designing a lifestyle collection of goods that is constantly challenging the traditional norms of delivering consistently exceptional experiences.


We make products for a new generation of men who care as much about their appearance as they do the intangible core values that they themselves are defined by. We make products with a passion and enthusiasm for our customers. Not for the simple fact that they buy from us, but rather that they value performance. As a lifestyle brand, we understand that grooming products are more than just water and ingredients in a bottle or jar. Styling hair and/or maintaining a healthy beard is part of a process in which a man makes a decision to be the best version of himself that day.


Aside from the performance of the ingredients and formulas we use to create our products we also wanted to focus of the aesthetic aspect of our packaging. Delivering a quality formula is important but having products which possess a master design and powerful appearance is equally important. To us, using grooming products is an intimate experience. Our customers bring us into their homes, into their bathrooms and often into their workplace (barbers). They use our products on some of the most important days of their lives and because of that, we constantly seek to enhance the relationship we have with them.


Established in Los Angeles in January 2016, Mane Tame Professional Men’s Grooming was built behind the foundation of two generations of southern California barbers and entrepreneurs who have a strong background in the behind-the-scenes landscape of the personal care business. With careful study and evaluation of the men’s grooming industry we found that a large percentage of men were using a piece-meal sort of all star team comprised of 3-5 different brands of products. Many were forced to settle with products that do perform but there was no uniformity amongst their lineup of products. There does exist some very nice options, however, the category of men’s grooming was fragmented. We wanted to create products for men who have various needs with their hair and have a desire to use one brand that will meet and exceed their expectations. Being from Los Angeles, we understand the needs for diversity and beauty in everything we do. Our cores values are similar to those we make products for: Strength, Passion, Redefined Individualism, Inspiration and Performance.

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Mane Tame Beard Oil - Xcluciv Barber Supplier

Mane Tame Beard Oil

$14.95 USD
Mane Tame Beard Oil 2oz, is a high-performance grooming product that is ideal for men looking to condition their beards or mustache, protect their skin underneath their facial hair, create...
Mane Tame Barber Station Mat - Xcluciv Barber Supplier

Mane Tame Barber Station Mat

$24.99 USD$17.99 USD
Dimensions: 16 inches x 11 inches x 1/4 inch thick. Large surface allows ample space for multiple tools and appliances. Protects Surfaces: Heavy duty and durable material prevents heat damage from warm clippers,...